Keep Connected this Christmas

Keep Connected this Christmas, homemade festive treats

Keep Connected this Christmas

What a year 2020 has been for everybody! As always, we have been closely following Government Guidelines and we hope that families can get to spend some much needed time together over the Christmas period. However we recognise that some people may be facing Christmas alone or without extended family. This blog shares some ideas of how to keep in touch throughout December and some ways we can spread a little festive cheer, which we believe is more important than ever, particularly with elderly relatives in mind:

  • Make your own Christmas cards or gifts for your elderly relatives, to provide that personal touch. Artwork or pictures from grandchildren are bound to bring a smile.
  • Write a Christmas letter with pictures of the family from 2020. There’s something special about receiving a hand written letter in the post.
  • Arrange delivery of a personalised hamper (a strong cardboard box will do) packed with their favourite festive treats or homemade goodies, so they don’t feel like they are missing out.
  • Schedule a few short video calls, such as Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or Boxing Day, giving your loved ones something to look forward to. You could even share a festive tipple and raise a glass to each other over Zoom, Google Hangouts or other similar sites.
  • Offer to put up some Christmas lights or Christmas Decorations to spread a little festive fun.
  • Panto season might be impacted, but you can still watch shows together on You can log in simultaneously so you appear on the screen together and can interact.
  • You can even take your elderly relative on a South African Safari if you are feeling adventurous!
  • Offer to do the Christmas shopping for any elderly relatives or collect any essential things they might need such as medication, when shops are closed over the festive period.
  • Get the kids involved by recording a short festive song, or dance and send your loved one a video message; guaranteed to lift spirits.
  • You can arrange a “door step visit” to drop off gifts and cards. You don’t need to go into the house, but can chat on the doorstep. Sometimes some human contact and a smiling face can be enough to bring some cheer.
  • Enjoy a virtual game together. Grandparents can play easy to learn games such as Connect 4 with grandchildren – all you need is an ipad, computer or smartphone. There are many apps you can download to play your favourite games with your loved one. For example, how about a game of chess on this site?
  • Plan some festive games together that work well online, such as festive quizzes or festive scattergories. Macmillan have come up with a range of online family games, whilst raising money for a great cause

Above all, we believe that communication and staying in touch are key. If you can keep in touch on a regular basis with your elderly relatives, it will make a big difference; even a 5 minute phone call each day just to check in and see how things are.

If you’ve got any other ideas on how to keep connected this Christmas, we’d love to hear from you. You can also contact us, if you have any questions or need any advice.

Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas and a healthy New Year.