Looking after your grandparents this June

Looking after your Grandparents

Looking after your grandparents this June

Did you know that June is “Looking after your grandparents month?” We thought we’d share some tips on things you can do to show your grandparents you care!

1.Offer your help
Quite often the older generation are very proud and don’t like to ask for help. You could ask if there is any particular job they need help with or any errands that can be run. Or if you spot something that needs fixing, perhaps make some suggestions on how you can help.

2. Help them with technology
Many older people can feel overwhelmed with technology, so you can set them up with different Apps or reminders to help their lives easier. You can show them how to use video tools such as WhatsApp or Facetime so they can stay in touch with their families. You could even set up a weekly online shop to help with their groceries.

3. Assist with daily chores
Many grandparents aren’t quite as mobile as they used to be or they can’t stand or kneel for as long as they used to, so you could offer to assist with chores around the home that that they might find more difficult like ironing or gardening.

4. Ask for their advice
Many old people feel like nobody listens to them, so a great way to get your grandparents talking is to ask for their advice on a certain topic. They will have an array of experience to share with you and will undoubtedly feel more valued.

5. Help with projects
If your grandparents are embarking on any projects such as clearing out the loft or redecorating their homes or perhaps larger garden projects like staining the fences, you could either help in person or offer to find somebody for the job. Don’t let your grandparents struggle on their own or feel overwhelmed by larger projects that might need doing. Looking after your grandparents in this way, will also keep them safe.

6. Involve your grandparents in your life
If there is an event with the grandchildren, or a local event happening, then invite your grandparents along. Family occasions such as birthday parties or dinners out are an ideal way to keep your grandparents involved in your life. Or how about a trip to the cinema or to the theatre?

7. Make time for your grandparents
A simple phone call, or quick message can let your grandparents know that you are thinking about them. You can easily share photos via email or smartphones of everyday things like the garden or any pets. One of the greatest ways to show you care is by spending time together. Spend time getting to know what’s happening in their lives now and learn about their childhoods. Watch a favourite television show or take a walk in the park together.

8. Check on their health
Check in with your grandparents on how they are doing with their health. Ask if they are attending regular appointments and getting the medication they need. Ask if they have someone to call when they are sick or need medical attention. If they need help getting to appointments or managing their medication, offer to help them. If they need more regular care or if you are concerned about this area, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What will you do this June to show your grandparents you care? We’d love to know how you’ll be looking after your grandparents!